Switch OpenGL to Direct3D11

the graphics are set to OpenGL and OpenGL can’t run on emulators so I use Direct3D11 instead. I can’t switch between OpenGL to Direct3d11 on Citra. How do I do this?

There is no DirectX 11 backend on citra currently.

will there ever be directx11 support soon?

DirectX support is likely to not happen since it’s exclusive to Windows and only Windows developers would have to maintain that backend.

and OpenGL can’t run on emulators

What does this even mean? OpenGL is more than capable, as shown by Citra, Dolphin, PCSX2, Redream, and many, many more. In cases where you get significantly better performance from a DirectX backend in an emulator its because the DirectX backend is not as accurate.

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pcsx2, dolphin emulator has dx11 support.

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because someone wrote the code for it. if someone writes the code for a dx11 backend for citra, power to them. but no one has yet, and no one is currently doing it either.

this is sad , i would love see directx11 support for citra

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Why exactly? There isn’t really any immediate advantage to making a Direct3D11 backend to Citra. Just because you use a graphics API doesn’t mean the end result is automatically good. The OpenGL backend got to where it is only after tons of optimization pull requests, and a D3D backend would have to undergo the same treatment.

directx11 run games faster , with directx11 low end pcs can run games with more FPS

Where did you hear this from? Source on this?

i know this from my own experience , dolphin for example in my pc ( running with open gl ) runs with 20 fps , with directx11 it runs with 50/60 fps

That’s a different emulator. From what I’ve read, OpenGL in general is not that great on AMD so it can depend on hardware.

i have a intel pentium processor , enough to play with a decent FPS

That’s your CPU unless you’re using the integrated graphics with it which a dedicated one is preferred over it. Also a CPU with high single core performance is recommended for Citra.

the poblem inst my CPU or my GPU , i can play games ( in other emulators OR pc games ) just fine ( and 2 citra games run at full speed , only 2 )

You can’t really compare Citra to other emulators or even PC games (which aren’t emulators). Other emulators like Dolphin have been around for many years and is actively developed so obviously it would perform better. Citra on the other hand only has a few active developers so progress isn’t as fast as others.

yeah i know , just saying that a directx11 support ( even if it takes a long time ) is a good idea

Well then if Dx11 is not possible. Then how about speed hacks? I can understand if this would take long. Every game that runs on 30 are playable for me anyway even with my low rig. The slow one for me is Tekken 3D it requires 60 fps, i only have 48-50 fps and it should be good enough for PCSX2 standards, that’s a playable speed but i guess this emu have different coding than the ps2 console.

Speed hacks are often unappealing because they are harder to maintain for developers, and can cause unexpected bugs in games.