Switching Graphics Intel/AMD

I have the same problem with switchable graphics Intel/AMD. It happens to me with other emulators that use OpenGL. I’m currentrly trying with Nightly Build - 8f0a23b, I happened to me with older versions as well.

The first screenshot is the error I get when try to run a game with citra-qt.exe ("can’t find specified file in Spanish). The second one is what I get when try to open the ROM with citra.exe

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since citra boots then the first error can be ignored

(would be nice if you can get an English log just in case something is indeed broken)

your second error is not related to openGL at all, this is due to missing home folder dump (system fonts and archives ,how many times people had this issue , i lost count) search the FAQ on how to dump that folder and add it to citra.

pokemon X stalls and hangs and is very much unplayable, don’t bother with it at this time