System Archive Not Found Issue

I’m pretty sure this has been addressed before, but I have yet to find a way to fix it myself.
Whenever I attempt to play a game on Multiplayer (let’s use DQMJ3 for example), I first join a room, and my friend joins the same room. We then go to any multiplayer option, and the moment the game has to transfer data across one another, I’m hit with that ‘System Archive Not Found’ window. CitraError

Regardless of the multiplayer option we choose, the connection we share, or whether the room is meant for the game or not, the error is always the same.

That being said, with what this forum says, do I need a 3DS for both me and my friend? Doesn’t having the need for a 3DS defeat the point of PC Citra? I only have 1 3DS.

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Since the files are copyrighted, both need to have their own 3DSs. So you’re SOL.

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Emulators aren’t made for pirates, They are made for the people who actually purchase the system and games legally and want backups of their purchased titles.

A great example of this, I have a 2ds and I let my neighbors young daughters play it and they shattered the screen. I now have Citra and backups of my games on the computer so I can play them here until I fix my screen.