System camera not work

ı play Pokemon Ultra Moon. I want scan QR code with my external camera. I watched video and he can do that. (this video: )ı did it but not work. Camera works ,İf I do emulator>configure>camera>preview,.but ı open game and open QR scanner shows green screen. why doesn’t work my camera. Pls help and thanks in advance.


First, if you’re following that video, you don’t have to edit any file. Just go to your camera settings in Citra and configure it. Second, did you configure the rear camera? The 3DS uses the rear camera for scanning QR codes.

dont know ı use it

You need to configure the rear camera since the 3DS uses its own rear camera for scanning QR codes.

what should I do?

You did choose System Camera (qt) for Camera Image Source like you did for the Front camera?

yes. which file should I choose?

If you’re using a camera and not a still image, the file selection should be grayed out.

first want file and later show black screen ıf ı select front

first want file and later show green screen if ı select rear

Front and Rear are two different cameras (as there are on the 3ds), and they can be configured independently. After switching to Rear, you should change the “Camera Image Source” to “System Camera (qt)” again. It shouldn’t want any files after that.


if i try to change it to rear it wont save and revert back to front camer

thanx you soo much. ı hope this method work😉

… You still didn’t understand it, did you?
The thing is, that combobox is just for selecting which camera to configure, and it’s not even a setting and ofc will not be saved. It’s like having two separate camera “profiles” and the game would choose which one to use.

Whenever I switch my camera to the rear camera, it switches back to the front camera.

It doesn’t “switch back”, you just choose which one to configure (they could have used a tabbed menu for this instead), the game chooses which one it wants to use.