System Camera (qt) Shows Green Screen On AR Games

With the last few updates to Citra, both Nightly and Canary, the camera has stopped working. I’m not sure when this happened, however I do know it’s rather recent. Using the System Camera (qt) setting, the camera does come on, however, the screen is green instead of showing the camera feed.
The log file doesn’t seem to catch anything from the game, but the console window keeps spamming this.

The camera works as intended in the preview window in settings.

I will update this info as soon as I can find what the last working version was.

EDIT: The last version of Citra, which worked correctly, was Citra Canary | HEAD-56e361b. This was the last version to use the OpenCV camera. The QT camera, even on this version, just shows a green screen. Only OpenCV works on my system.

System Information

I tested it and can confirm it. Though I remember Qt system camera did work at one point (the image was upside down). If you have time, can you bisect it to find the last Canary with Qt system camera working?

I’ll see what I can do. I have already tried quite a few of them so far, just to get what I already posted. Some versions the camera failed to be detected, however, if there is a version where it was working at all, I’ll try to find it.
Glad to know it’s not just a problem on my computer. I hope I can find something that will allow you to get the problem fixed.

Some of the Canary builds don’t have camera merged. Also some that do have are missing a DLL file for Qt system camera to work (had to copy a mediaservice folder from newer builds. I went through bisecting them.

dea201b - bad - canary-470
d1e383e - bad - canary-465
9acdff6 - bad - canary-464
60e094e - crash - canary-463
60d644b - none - canary-462
bae4b4b - none - canary-460
343ce9e - none - canary-455
6d0eab1 - none - canary-451
b40c597 - good - canary-450
e8ac99e - good - canary-449
9c7d6b7 - good - canary-448

Qt system camera worked with 448-450 (these were missing a folder with a DLL file so I had to copy from a newer build). Canary-463 was also missing it but for some reason it crashed when I added the folder. Can’t say for sure if Canary-463 started it.

So, do you still need me to test any of the builds?

b40c597 - good - canary-450
I can confirm that this is also true on my computer. The camera image is displayed, although it is upside down, like you said.

I think that’s enough. I’ll open an issue on this on Github.

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Ok. Thanks for looking into this.


how to download citra 450? I can’t find this files. Pls give download link.

This issue has been fixed for a while. Use the latest build from the website.