System time change?

For some reason games I’m playing on Citra act as if the system time recently changed. Because of this, I can’t do any daily event in the Festival Plaza in Ultra Moon unless I move my save to my 2DS and wait a day

Just in case this is part of the issue, I will say that I have been moving my save back and forth between Citra and my 2DS

so, what could be the cause of this?

Some of the daily events have a time penalty when the game detects a change in time. It is very likely that your system time on PC and 3DS do not much which I don’t think you could get them to sync.

is there a buffer on how closely they have to match? or do they have to match exactly?

The time must be exactly the same. I think it’s similar how you would use your cartridge on someone else’s 3DS. The time won’t match up and you will get a time penalty.

ok… I guess I’ll have to keep it on 1 or the other for a while