Tales of the Abyss -want to play

I have a DS lite, switch, vita, ps3, ps4

There is a digital version of Tales of the Abyss for PlayStation but it is not translated. I am waiting to see if it will be available for the switch (translated) but I am thinking about emulation. I have a touch laptop. Of course since tales games are interactive the response has to be fast enough that I can step backwards before a blow lands.

Any information about playing this game with an emulator will be appreciated. I will be playing Ni No Kuni so anytime in the next 3 months is satisfactory turn around.

(Truth is I also have a PS2 but I have not hooked it up in years and I never got a copy of Abyss)

Keep in mind that we don’t support piracy here and you will need to have both the 3DS console and the game bought in order to play the game on Citra.

Absolutely. I apologize for not making this clear.