TAS tools are a lot more difficult to use than before

Before 2023, TAS tools seemed way more easier to use than before. Before the new citra updates, I was able to frame advance without needing to pressing the key I pause with. I was also able to hold the frame advance button to slowly seek through the upcoming frames. This helped me TAS New Super Mario Bros. 2 successfully. However, after the update, you’re required to press the pause key in order to use the frame advance key, and you can’t hold the frame advance key to slowly seek through upcoming frames anymore. I honestly think the new TAS tools are a downgrade and are way more complicated and difficult to use. Only solution I found was getting older versions, but when I use older versions, I can’t play newly added games. The emulator would just crash. They work just fine on the new versions of Citra though. I was looking forward to making more TASes but these new TAS tools aren’t it.

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Hmmm, I don’t think we changed anything specifically about the TAS tools recently. So this may be a an unintentional bug caused by something. Could you test a couple of older Citra builds until you find two builds side by side where one has the previous functionality, and the other has the new functionality?

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