Telemetry and why that's a Good Thing

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I think telemetry is a great idea, but I feel it leaves some games out of the loop… There’s games that just don’t run well or at all right now, so people will naturally not play them, not because they don’t like them, but because they can’t or it’s too cumbersome to play. I for one, try to run Ace attorney games once or twice a week, just to see if they finally start to work, but see no change. I also try Professor Layton vs Ace attorney, but it’s still too slow for me to bear playing it, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to play it. There really should be other methods to keep track of what the users want, like polls/surveys, otherwise your are going to be missing some data.

Telemetry is not designed really to give us a indication of what people want to play. It is to track regressions/changes in speed/etc. Is the risk of lesser-known games not being acknowledged in the dataset an issue? Sure, but that would be an issue with polling as well (which serves a totally different purpose). Further, I dont think the ace attorney games fit into the lesser-known category.

Not to be rude, but whatever you may say, the truth is there’s been almost 0 progress in those games in ages. I’ve probably been checking for much more than a year by now and see no difference at all. At best Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright has gained 1-3 fps during conversations (one of the most important parts of the game, stuck at around 15fps or less with only one character on screen), the rest still have the same glitches from over a year ago and remain unplayable. And yet many other better known titles like Mario and Pokemon titles play flawlessly or near it, and with better or even perfect frame rates at times. And I’m using an I7 processor with an Nvidia GTX970 so my computer is not the issue, these games have simply been neglected. That’s the only conclusion I can reach after waiting for this long.

Sadly, this fact leads me to believe a lot of other games that “don’t fit into the lesser-known category” but aren’t popular enough are probably getting the same treatment as well. So my worry was that Citra devs would focus even more only on the issues shown by the playable games and neglect the rest (which for some games that are already being neglected, is kinda scary…). But, I guess I was just projecting my fears in the previous post, so never mind that.

You probably don’t know Citra enough, so I will state this: Citra’s main goal is accuracy of emulation, not performance. If you see some performance increases, you’re lucky, because we currently don’t do just performance increase PRs. The performance increases are usually caused by a new feature or fixing a bug in the code.

Another thing is that it’s hard to code the GPU code for Citra, because the 3DS uses a GPU (PICA200) that is poorly documented and the devs basically reverse-engineered the GPU to see what capabilities and functions it has.


even with anonymous telementry turned off, my system shows the application uploading a near-constant 20 bytes of data per second on idle (no game loaded). on crashes or errors, the program uploads megabytes of data. is this a bug? i am also unable to start the application without an internet connection

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That’s strange, can you make a new support topic, with a complete template?

I appreciate everyone’s hard work and love that this team is so diligently working to provide the best system that they can. If they are asking for our cooperation in these reports it’s the least we can do to show our gratitude.

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I press yes because I dont mind sharing but it just shuts the whole app down, Can anyone tell me why?