Temperary fix for the AMD GPU Shader crashing

Not sure if this is a good place to post this information or if I’m tagging this right.

Citra Head-6d0eab1 Canary

Seems Citra doesn’t like to share with some applications when they are not minimized (Firefox,Discord)

If I have either of them not minimized and even hidden behind citra it crashes the AMD driver a few minutes in after any 3d is rendered, if they are just down in the task bar I can run Citra just fine no crashes, if I pause citra then open discord/firefox I can then minimize them and continue citra from there with no crashes.

So something in these programs is interrupting something with Citras GPU OpenGL shader I’d assume?
Not sure if this information is useful but other than that citra runs crashless for me on any game so far.

TL;DR: Keep your programs minimized/turned off to stop most crashes if you have AMD GPU probably.