Temporary: Controller Configurations for Citra

Yeah, I actually went and set that up after asking here. (I should have done it before.)
It worked just fine, but the circle pad had the same accuracy as a d-pad… there’s not much I can do about that, though. (If there is, I want to know!)

Also, running Pokémon Moon (with my data imported from Sun a few months ago) at 768p instead of 240p (outlines removed) looks far nicer, but when it’s running at some crippled framerate (and the audio is tied to the framerate), it’s unbearable to actually play the game unless there are only a few objects being rendered.
I should probably get a newer version of Citra, though. I have one from months ago…

Is there any way to hook up a PS3 contoller?

If you can connect it to your computer (Bluetooth might be required.), you should be able to use it, there’s entries for it on the website.

Okay. I’ve been looking for entries and not finding any, but I’ll keep looking.

You haven’t looked at the top post then. http://www.jannikvogel.de/scratchpad/citra-input-map/ - search for PS3.

I feel a little stupid right now but i have the latest version of citra and i cannot find a “qt-config” file… i only have a sdl2-config file but if i change anything there it does wont change anything at all ingame, like i can delete all the controls in this config-file and still use my keyboard while playing Zelda ALBW, could someone help me there please? :3

EDIT: I AM DUMB, I used the nightly build <.<
just ignore me please

This method doesn’t work for me because the indicated folder (~/.local/share/citra-emu/) does not contain a config folder nor a qt-config file anywhere in it, so there’s nothing to modify, even after running Citra several times. I attempted to add the given folder and file myself manually and that didn’t work either. Not sure where to go from here. Any ideas?

I’m on Mac OS X El Capitan, using an XBox One controller connected via USB, with Citra nightly 60024ad.

how do you find a qt-config file? in my appdata/roaming/citra/config I only have a sdl2-config.ini file which doesnt do shit if I change anything in there. I honestly feel somewhat stoopid rn…

EDIT: I AM DUMB, I used the nightly build <.<
just ignore me please

how do y find the conf file on nightly build??

from my experience this only works on the bleeding edge builds, on the nightly i could only find the sdl2-config which did not configure sh*t when i changed something, with the bleeding edge and the qt-config it works like a charm

@Jean_J_Matias If you’re on Windows, you can enter %appdata%/citra/config/qt-config.ini in Run (Windows key + R)

@Averell sdl2-config.ini only works with citra.exe. Bleeding edge is defaulted to using citra-qt.exe which uses qt-config.ini to store configuration. qt-config.ini only working with citra-qt.exe also applies to the Nightly builds. They both use the same location for the user directory.

@leo121 do you have an idea on top of your head that would solve the issue that everytime my wireless xinput controller turns off citra wont recognize it when it turns back on? the controller has to be turned on before you start citra if you want it to work… the problem i am having right now is that when I pause the game and go away for like 10 minutes the controller turns off and i have no way of continuing the emulated game cuz neither the keyboard nor the controller would work… i hope you can help me there :slight_smile:

It’s normal for now. If your controller turns off, then it won’t work if you turn it back on. You need to restart Citra for it to work again.

You can’t really do much right now apart keeping your controller active all the time.

Citra doesn’t support hot swapping for controllers so if the controller disconnects while Citra is running then you to restart the emulator.

alright, thanks man :smiley:

I’m having an issue with the controller in Majoras Mask. The analogue stick works great but the shield button is permanently on. In other words link just stands there blocking the whole time. I am on a 2016 MacBook Pro 15", using the latest versions of windows 10 and OSX. The code works perfectly in OSX but the game runs too slow. When I use boot camp the speed is good but having the blocking issue. The controller works perfect with other games tho (except for super MARIO 3D land but that game seems early ). I am using a PS4 controller, btw.

Using the latest bleeding edge Citra-qt, also

I’ve experienced that with my 360 controller, never quite found a solution though. Here’s what @Flamboyant_Ham told me about it a while ago about it:

There’s 2 modes in MM. (Hold) or (Toggle) for Z-targetting
You must have changed a setting in Majora’s Mask. When I released L on my 360 controller, the Z-targetting mode is disabled.
Just like on keyboard for me.

FYI the latest bleeding edge has the fire emblem graphics glitch fixed now so you can use a controller while playing fire emblem again.

It’s more a blocking issue tho not z-targeting