Terry's Wonderland with English Patch - Local Multiplayer

Hi, a shot in the dark here, but did anyone actually got this working? I’m trying to access the local multiplayer to be able to use Monster Exchange with myself (no wifi online shop = limited scrolls) but I can’t seem to get it working. I’ve managed to get 2 Citra emulators with different console ID though I do not have 2 different accounts or tokens for online. I can get both my emulators in the same room (sometimes), but when I try to use the game’s local multiplayer, they can’t seem to find each other.

I’m using the latest nightly build.

Other than that, it’s pretty painless getting everything to work properly. Good stuff.

Are you connecting through public rooms?
for trading locally it’s better to Create Room on one citra instance and Direct Connect to Room on the other citra instance. and for that you don’t even need to use the web service.

that being said, not all games are working through local multiplayer currently. which may be the case for DQM:TW.

edit: upload your log after trying.

Okay, so I tried the suggested way of connecting and managed to get the local battle to work, but for some reason, the monster exchange keeps stating ‘failed to connect’. Man, so close.

citra_log.txt (98.6 KB)

Just one thing, your framerate limit is at 300%, keep both citra instances framerate locked at 100% (before opening your game) to avoid issues. also make sure that both citra instances are the latest build, not just one of them.

also for some reason, citra is logging that you are missing NG Bad Word List, but isn’t loading the open source replacement, this may be a separated issue. in whichever case, dump your system archives again. also try citra canary and upload your log again.

Yep, turning down the framerate limit seemed to have worked nicely. Thanks for the help