Testing feedback on low-spec PC with Manjaro Linux

System specs:
CPU: i3-7100 @ 3.9GHz
GPU: Intel HD 630

Operating System:
Manjaro Linux (Kernel version 4.14)

Citra build: 08b11915 (built from Git Master branch)

Games tested:

  • Pokémon X/Y

: Unplayable for the already known audio problems. I can get past the intro with a save file, and it seems to work. The game got soft-locked again after the first battle. Requires system files and fonts.

  • Pokémon OAS

: Playable with 30FPS. Major FPS drops in certain screens, like when catching certain pokémon, the beauty pokemon stats, or the inventory menu when there is a scroll. Despite that, it’s playable with no major issues found yet. Requires system files and fonts.

  • Pokémon Sun/Moon

: Playable with 30FPS. Minor FPS drops in very specific places, but seems like it works fine with no major issues found yet.

  • Pokémon Ultra Sun/ Ultra Moon

: Same as Sun and Moon.

The Linux installer will not work as some of the dynamic libraries it was compiled with have been upgraded. Linux users with different versions of these libraries will receive errors as these will have different versions of these libraries.

As expected, the solution is to compile it from the source.

Personal thoughts:
I’m impressed that it works and that it works so well even on a low-end PC like this, and I’m really looking forward for more upgrades. I’m not even running them “tight” as I can get speed ups of about 130% when the FPS limit is disabled. Please keep up the good work!

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Citra has a report compatibility feature (Help -> Report Compatibility). This will likely be buried and forgotten.


I’m afraid I don’t see such functionality under Help.
The only available options I see under the Help section are FAQ and About Citra.

You are using the latest from the website?


Edit: I see you built instead. I don’t think you could submit with that.