Texture export through Pica Surface Viewer issues

I’m trying to pull the textures and graphics out of Might Gunvolt Burst using the Pica Surface Viewer, and while I’ve managed for the most part, the biggest thing I haven’t been able to get out of them is alpha information. It clearly exists in the raw data shown in the surface viewer, but when saving graphics as .png, is completely thrown out. Saving the graphics as .bin seems to preserve all the graphical data, and would actually work for me to get everything out of it… If not for the Morton Interleave being used by the .bin file. I’ve been able to convert the .bin to a “usable” .bmp that keeps the alpha channel, but the conversion is essentially garbage, due to each pixel being stored in BARG format as opposed to RGBA, and also due to the fact that the pixels themselves are shifted around in the .bin due to the interleaving, in such a way that I haven’t been able to figure out any means of putting the puzzle back together, so to speak.

Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about how the 3DS formats its graphics, or of the Citra code itself, to really delve into the source, but perhaps an un-interleave could be added to the .bin texture export, so that the output would be plain old left to right, RGBA data.

Either that, or does anyone know of any sort of tool that could take the .bin output from Citra, and uninterleave it, so it can be run through something like ImageMagick to turn it into a usable graphic?