Textures flickering in Pokémon Moon and Ultra Sun

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Textures in Pokémon Moon and Ultra Sun are flickering in latest Canary builds. It does not happen all the time, but it does happen quite a lot. This happened in builds 2763adf and 1191910. It does not happen in build db43205 and older. It also does not happen in Nightly, or in latest canary builds when switching Shader Emulation to CPU.

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Reproduced this issue with a Intel Core i3-6100 and a GTX 750 Ti on the latest Canary build.

I will let the developers know of this issue.


Oh its not just me thank god. These flickering textures are really annoying and It only started happening recently, hope the devs can fix this quickly. :smiley:

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Keep in mind that this may be exclusive with Nvidia GPUs. Other graphical glitches in Intel iGPUs are different.

Reproduced the same issue with i7-4700HQ and GTX850m.
Issue started since canary build 6f274d2.

Apparently, for whatever reason, this glitching is caused by the thing that fixes AMD cards.

So basically, if we remove that thing, we get no more glitching, but AMD cards won’t work.

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Isn’t the AMD fix doubling the size of the vertex buffer?
It seems strange to me why other GPUs would have rendering issues because of it.

UPDATE: Try out the latest Canary build (483) for those who had flickering issues with Nvidia GPUs.
The change was to fix the uniform buffer from *2 to *1 while still keeping the AMD *2 in vertex buffer.
I would request all AMD users to retest for possible regressions with the new update!


With the new Canary build the issue is gone for my GTX 1060.

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Problem fixed for me too. But looking back at it, I find it weird that Gen VII Pokémon games were the only ones affected, at least from the games I’ve tested. Not even Omega Ruby was affected.


OK, seems like I was too hasty in my judgement. Mohn in Poké Pelago as well as some Pokémon in Refresh still flicker from time to time. It happens quite rarely, which is why I did not notice it immediately and it’s definitely not as big of a problem as it was before, but it’s still annoying when it happens. I’ll try to take a screenshot the next time I’ll see this.

I have this same issue. Current canary build as well as a i7 and gtx 1060.

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having same issue, current nightly build on i7 and gtx 860m.

Have you tried disabling Hardware Shaders?

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I am now getting this exact same issue on Ultra Moon. It is getting so bad that character models are flickering and textures vanishing all of a sudden.

I just downloaded the game today and am geting really flickered graphics.

Piracy isn’t supported here.

Understood, Thank you for telling me, never used citra before and was following this youtube vid.

Deactivating Hardware Shaders did it for me. Thanks a lot

I5 4690k @4,5 GHz and GTX 1080

Disabling makes it super slow enabling it is the only way it can run on my 11 year old potato pc