Thank you. So impressed

I specifically created this account to acknowledge and show my appreciation for this emulator, reason being is not even 6 months ago if I recall I could not even remotely bear playing a game with how laggy every single game in this emulator played, just last week I installed your latest build and I can literally play nearly every single title I have not gotten a chance to play at full speed and near perfect audio. I am impressed and very thankful for all of the work you guys have put into this. I’m blown away by the fact that I can play these games in a high resolution and it’s even more crisp and clear on my screen than the actual system.

Thank you guys. -iiDark


Me too,

Well the last time i tried Citra i believe you need a Quad Core and 8gb or higher Ram and you will still have lag issues. Now about 2 weeks ago, i dont know why, but i tried installing citra on a old laptop with a weak Pentium g3260. Thats a 2 thread dual core and 4gb of Ram. No dedicated GPU.

First i tried New Super Mario Bros 2 just too see how it handle a simple game. And i was like “Oh wow! this is impressive, let me try a pokemon game”.

So i tried Pokemon OR. and I don’t experience any lag when battling or walking, except on some menus like POKEDEX. now i’m thinking “Okay this is playable, i know this is insane but let me try Pokemon SUN”. After playing some hours with it without any problem i tried Pokemon ULTRA SUN…

Now im hooked. Playing ULTRA SUN for days now without a hitch. Playing at 3x 1200x720 with 100% speed everywhere. Its even more optimized than Pokemon ORAS.

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I even tried running 2 instance of the game just to trade/battle with myself and that won’t even lagg my integrated graphics.

Now we have a working LLE audio emulation, although its still slow, it is still a big step forward for Citra. Kudos to CITRA team and Happy holidays to us all :slight_smile:


It is really unreal. I’m playing on a GTX 1060 Ti and the latest i7 processor with 32 gigs of ram. I had this same build when I tried it before though and it wasn’t even close. I’m playing a full playthrough of Zelda: A link between worlds WITH obs running streaming it to facebook at 60 frames no lag. Right now I’m playing Mario and luigi: Paper jam, same thing. I’ve got over 30+ games and the only one I had a tiny slowdown on was Luigi’s mansion: Dark moon. But it was still playable and enjoyable.

Happy holidays :slight_smile:

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@iiDark you have got really awesome specs, so it’s no wonder you get such great performance. Glad to see that atleast someone takes the time to write a post appreciating the work put into the emulator, and not requesting for more & more features/perf boosts.

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GTX 1060 TI? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Sorry not TI. Whoops. LOL

@Adityarup_Laha Thank you. They really deserve it, I browsed a bit and didn’t see nearly enough praise for what they’ve accomplished than I feel they deserve.

Citra is a great emulator…
if only pokemon X and Y work it will be perfect.

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Pokemon XY actually work on Citra:


Any plans on porting LLE audio emulation to other platforms?

that’s nice
really appreciate it

but only 5 fps hope it will improve as always

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Switch to Stereo for higher frame rates in Configure > General > System.

audio settings?

Nvm. Pokemon X is playable on HLE mode now!! This is the best birthday gift for a Pokefan. Big thanks to Citra team.


yeah great work really by all the developers and patrons