Thanks to the Citra team

I see many people in this forum asking for solutions to certain games, and reporting errors, (I think this is good since it is helping the project) but lately I have not seen anyone thank you for the great work you are doing, the team Citra.
Since several years ago, I (and I think many other people too) expected a 3DS emulator, I wanted to play games like pokemon and others on my PC.
I was looking for a lot on the internet and I saw on youtube ‘supposed’ 3DS emulators that in the end turned out to be fake.
The truth is that I never thought that this emulator would come out, and stopped looking for it. Until in early 2015 I returned to investigate about a possible 3DS emulator, and I came upon the great surprise that there was such an emulator, that was Citra.
I began to see the first advances of Citra, I remember just emulating Cave Story and Zelda OoT, that really made me too happy, I expected it a long time ago.
Since then, in these 2 and a half years that I follow Citra, I realize the great progress that has had the emulator. Those 2 games that managed to run in the past, managed to be many more. Even the best games of the console, like pokemon, mario, zelda and others are possible to play them in a PC. Besides the ease that gives us this great emulator to play on a big screen and with an HD resolution, I think it’s amazing.
I thank you infinitely for the work you do, I know it should not be easy at all and I also know that this is just the beginning of this great project.
I think the least we can do is thank them for what they are doing, I know that you also have other responsibilities and I value that you take the time to continue improving Citra.
Also the patience is important, I have seen users who ask to fix all the errors immediately, and insist a lot, for example: The errors of Pokemon XY. Even several people ask a lot when the emulator is going to be ready, since this is not overnight. Also as we will not wait if for many years was expected to come a real 3DS emulator.
Despite this, I believe that a beautiful community has formed, many people know about citra, and try to contribute. I hope the community continues to grow much more and never ends.
Much to the citra team! And many thanks on behalf of everyone who enjoys this great emulator!

PS: It made the subject a little long, sorry :blush: and sorry for my bad English


People tend to forget that emulators like Dolphin have been around much longer.

Emulators generally take 4-5 years until they start to hit their stride and become playable for average users.

Dolphin was first initially released in 2003. 14 years ago.

Citra first started even booting games in Jan 2015. 2 and a half years ago.
Remember the Zelda reveal at a staggering 1-2 FPS?

RPCS3 was initially released June 2012; 5 years ago

The amount of progress Citra has made within just two years to bring games to playable speeds is absolutely staggering.

Other emulators that quickly develop (such as Cemu) generally have problems down the road running anything but the most popular games because of their narrow focus and lack of a solid foundation.

Built upon hacks to get specific games working. PCSX2 suffers from this somewhat as well.

Dolphin and Citra are examples of such projects that build themselves on accuracy and a stable base before performance. As such, they take longer to hit enjoyable play speed, but have much more room to grow in the long run.


I am agreeing with you. :slight_smile:

I am very sorry, but I found this way to contact the team of Citra. Can you please fix the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon error at the Alolan photo club. I am thankful already, but I will be happier if you fix this.

We know it’s timing related, but the correct delay has yet to be tested on hardware. The devs are currently busy with other exciting things like yuzu, DSP LLE, translation support, etc. I’m sure the devs would love to fix it, but you’ll have to be patient.

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