The Battle against Ganondorf lose perfomace

I write this issue because I don`t read anyone reporting this problem.
I play Ocarina of Time. The game runs “perfect” from the beginning to the end. However, in the first battle with Ganondorf (when he plays the organ) the game lose perfomance in differents angles of the cathredral and when he throws the ball of light for the first time. I have only experienced this performance problem in this part.
Anyone else has had this problem in this part?
I do not know if put the link to the video, I do not want you to erase this message.

The “perfect” in the compatibility list doesn’t include the performance. The game could be running at 2 FPS, but can still get a “perfect” rating if it doesn’t have any graphical or sound issues. Slowdowns are expected.

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I put the link to the video if someone wants to know the part that lost perfomance:

The part that lost speed is the 3:55 - 10:45
It’s extrange, when he attacks only lost speed when throw the light, but when you return it the game recover speed.

The slowdowns are because my pc or the emulator?

Emulator. Citra isn’t optimized very well as of now.

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