The BEST Way To Catch Pokemon!

So your playing a Pokemon game on Citra. You’ve got a decent team and you want to find more Pokemon. But are you ready for the LEGENDARY and SHINY Pokemon? I didn’t think so. Here’s a guide to ensure that you have a nice chance in catching those bad boys!

  1. Get a high-level Pokemon with the move “False Swipe” (Scizor Recommended)
  2. Get a high accuracy and speedy Pokemon with the move “Hypnosis” (Gengar with high speed stat recommended)
  3. (Optional) Mega stones for the Pokemon (If they mega evolve)
  4. Get some spares (Optional)
    5.Keep a decent amount of “Ultra Balls”, “Quick Balls”, and “Great Balls”.
  5. Always keep your “Master Ball” for emergencies (Ex. Shiny Legendary’s, Very Rare Legendary’s, etc.)
  6. Your pretty much done!

Now you’ve got the near-perfect way to catch those Pokemon! If you have some questions or problems,please Private Message me.

WARNING: If you accidentally click “Run”, please do not report this to me. It is not my responsibility to make sure you catch the Pokemon, and please don’t report that you didn’t catch a Pokemon. This topic clearly says “near-perfect”.