The game run so slow

Issue: white i run the game, pokemon moon, i get 100% of speed, but white i get out of the room, or have a battle, the speed is 50%. does somebody know how to solve it?
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Your PC is probably too weak for fullspeed.
If you are in your room in the beginning Citra has only little to render and as such you are getting good FPS.
But outside if the workload increases your CPU can’t keep up anymore.

…do i have some ways to force it to run at high speed?

Your settings already have a speed limit of 200% meaning that if your PC could handle it, the Pokemon game would cap your framerate at 60 FPS and running twice as fast because Pokemon is a 30 FPS game.

Your PC is not strong enough to run faster.

all right… thank:狞笑:狞笑:狞笑: