The game won't continue. Pinsir won't come out

i’m playing pokemon ultra sun on the latest canary build and it was working fine until I had to battle the boss of Team Skull. the problem is the last pokemon of him, Pinsir just won’t go out into battle and the game is just stucked here

( not like the lagging or freezing issue, the emulator is still working with 30 fps and i can still see the pokemon moving). I would be really grateful if anyone knows the mending to this problem.
Not sure if this will do any help but here is my log file:

Might’ve been better to have posted this in citra support, rather than general.
Your log shows you have:
Utility_DumpTextures: true
Which is completely unnecessary unless you plan on making a texture pack or something. You should turn that off. Furthermore, your log is full of unmapped reads, which usually means one of 3 things:

  1. Bad cheat codes
  2. A corrupted rom because you dumped it incorrectly
  3. A corrupted rom because you patched it incorrectly.

Number 3 can be caused by installing a broken game update, randomizing it incorrectly or by applying a romhack incorrectly.
In any case, it might be best to redump your games.
Game Dumping Guides:

Dumping Game Cartridges
Dumping Installed Titles