The Last Version has change the name to "Citra"

I was playing Majora’s Mask when I download the last update of the emulator. And the last version has change the name I put on Link to “Citra”. I create a new file, but the game dosen’t let me to write the name, it use directly “Citra”. I even change the username in the system setting, but continues to use Citra.
How I can resolve this?
Also, the game runs well, but in the intro cutscene and the fairy fountain lost 30-40% of speed. Is it because my computer that those parts lose speed or because the game is not working “perfect” yet with the emulator?
My computer is an inter core i7 and Nvidia Geforce 920.
Thank You.

citra is missing the software keyboard which is what the game uses to allow name input. currently the workaround implemented is to give the name “citra” to everything. there has been a lot of progress regarding the keyboard but it is not yet ready to be implemented

regarding performance then citra is not optimized and frame drops are expected regardless of your pc specs.

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Thank you for answer me, but I don’t understand “software keyboard”. I mean, I played Ocarina of Time and I can use my name. Why I can’t in Majora? Because the keyboard is different?

About the performance, it happen something strange. For example, I play 3xNative (1200x720) the intro,
and it slows down to 67% the speed. When I decrease the quality to 2xNative(800x480) the speed it’s maintain in 67%, there is no performance improvement when I reduce the graphics. If I use native(400x240) the speed up to 100%, here I have an improvement, but there is no difference between 2x /3x (in the intro in other parts there is an improvement).
Thank you.

The software keyboard he referred to is the 3DS system keyboard applet. The performance loss at higher resolutions is because sometimes Citra has to fall back to native resolution to render certain things, and it takes time to rescale everything that already rendered in the frame.