The latest canary build is broken

The latest version of Canary (HEAD - 54390d5) is broken for Pokemon Sun, Mario + Luigi Dream Team, Mario Party the Top 100, and Mario Party Island Tour for ALL visuals. If you can figure your way through the game with a grey screen or random blotches of color and sounds, ok, but I’m pretty sure nobody can do that. Right? Comment. Anyways, can somebody fix this? I HATE using Citra Nightly. :worried: Well, ok, never mind.

Assuming you have AMD GPU :
It’s not broken per se. It’s just that the new hardware renderer doesn’t work properly with AMD GPUs on Windows. This is mainly because of the poor openGL support by amd drivers. You can just go to configure-> graphics and set the shader to cpu. That should bring back the game. The canary, However works with all Intel GPUs and Nvidia GPUs. This issue is being looked at, but as of now there is no ETA for a fix.

Turn off the accurate hardware shader and try changing Shader from CPU to GPU or vice versa.