The latest Canary build is crashing with pokemon xy

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on the the latest Canary (1711) build it crashing with Pokemon XY on mac os but work fine on a windows pc
System Information

  • Operating System: mac os 10.13.6
  • CPU: intel core2duo
  • GPU: Nvidia geforce 320m
  • Citra Version (found in title bar): 1711
  • Game: Pokemon XY
  • Screenshot of Issue (include the full Citra window including titlebar):

Diagnostic Log
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citra_log.txt (19.9 KB)

There is another user with a mac that has the same problem, can you test on latest Nightly instead? Maybe we can bisect where it started and it’s easier to do that on Nightly.

citra_log copy.txt (19.8 KB)
update just tested nighty build 1526 and still crashes

i had the same problem on windows, for me it helped using nightly 1422, don´t know if it will work on mac os

tested 1423 and it works

Oh? Ok cool, then it’s between 1526 & 1423. Test Nightly 1475 next,

it crashes when using the nightly build 1475

Ok now it’s between 1475 & 1423, test Nightly 1449 next:

its works with nightly build of 1449

Ok now it’s between 1475 & 1449, test Nightly 1462 next:

nightly 1462 works but lag when loading a save game on any pokemon game

Did 1423 also lag? Because I do remember when CoreTiming 2.0 got merged, transistions in Pokémon got severe fps drops.

Ok now it’s between 1475 & 1462, test Nightly 1468 next:

its a lot quicker when loading save games (1423 and 1449 run normal for my mac)

the nightly build 1468 crashes the emulator

Ok now it’s between 1468 & 1462, test Nightly 1465 next:

We are almost there :stuck_out_tongue:

the nightly build 1465 works

Ok, so by looking at perhaps 1467 is the culprit, could you test that one?

yes build 1467 crashes the emulator