The latest Citra and shared fonts

So I got the latest version of Citra and was surprised to see it was no longer a collection of files, but rather an app. When I open it, it requests shared fonts. I was like, “Okay. That’s good. I have mah folder with them.” But I have no idea where to put it, as Citra is an app now. Where do I put my folder?

Thanks in advance.

If you’re on Windows, they should be here:
C:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming\Citra

I tried that, but it still gives me the error. What gives?

Provided a picture as well.

You sure you are using the latest version of 3dsutils to dump the files?

take the folders out of the user folder

Still nothing. I’m gonna try it again and if no give, then I guess I have to wait for save states to be implemented

Save states have nothing to do with this.

In the event that I can’t get shared fonts to work, my progress won’t be saved, but when save states are implemented I can save.

Sure enough, that fixed it! Thank you, Luxray5474. I guess someone on the dev team on Citra needs to update where to put the folder.

That should only be there if you are using bleeding edge, which is no longer supported. The guides are correct - they should be put in AppData/Roaming/Citra.

That’s extremely odd. I got Citra just yesterday off of the download tab.

Perhaps it was an update just before it wasn’t supported?

No, your folder is in the correct spot, assuming you don’t have a user folder in the same directory as Citra (if you installed it manually).

If you have bleeding edge installed previously, you are going to want to uninstall that anyway (you might be launching that accidentally).

No, the last version of Citra I had was the one where you had to unpackage it from a ZIP. I just deleted that folder (with Citra inside it) so I could install the freshest version of Citra. But I encountered this error soon after. But knowing where to (sorta) put it fixed it.

Just but this .bat file in the same folder as the shared_font.bin & double-click.
No worries I wrote it myself it’s perfectly safe.

That actually made Citra run slower.

But it’s fixed anyway, thanks to Lux. All I wait for now is Citra using more than one core.

That’s the problem of the shared font you dumped. The script I wrote only copies the shared font to the correct location.

Note this is only for the latest versions.

It will be %appdata%/Citra/sysdata

So I place the shared fonts into /sysdata?

Always keep in mind that I could always keep the folder where it is, as it seems fine where it is rn. I only got the latest update in hope of dual-core support.

Just as an extra note, you shouldn’t really run randomly downloaded batch scripts, unless you are completely sure of what it’s doing.

For anyone seeing this topic in the future, it’s just this command:
copy shared_font.bin C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Citra\sysdata\shared_font.bin
(But on that note, don’t blindly run random commands either without double checking it :stuck_out_tongue:.)

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