The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time [Complete Citra Gameplay]

I want to share with all of you this complete gamelay to see how good the emulator works. I read in the media rules that I can share videos or image to the citra emulation.

@Allan_Dorse Where is the bottom screen?

I made zoom with camtasia.
There you have the first video testing citra emulation:

In the complete gameplay I used camtasia to edit the videos with zoom.

Now that is fine. BTW, I don’t find Navi that annoying just like other people said.

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What is your machine specs btw?

Intel Core i7 -5500U
Nvidia Geforce 920M
Windows 10

Wow,you seem to be able to play zelda like stable even on a low single thread performance cpu. Did you overclocked it?

Nop :wink:
But I have perfomance problems with other games like KH 3D that runs 65% speed in some parts