The Legend of Zelda - Tri Force Heroes

Hi all

New to Citra and these forums, so wanted to share my latest video with ya’ll! I’ve got a whole bunch of other 3DS games that I would like to do videos for, so if you’ve got any suggestions feel free to drop me a link.

Gameplay Video


Great Video (Editing, Narration with disclaimer that people need their console etc.)

To answer some implicitly asked questions:

  • 3D effects will actually be possible in the future if you have a 3D display (be it a flat panel or HMD such as Vive or Rift). However, that will still need some work.

  • Online play will be next to impossible to implement; playing with Citra and a real 3DS in local multiplayer is also unlikely but possible, playing with 2 copies of Citra against / with each other (local multiplayer mode = WiFi) is certainly possible and will probably happen sometime in the future (possibly also tunneled through the internet).

  • There are free and open source solutions to map controller input to keyboard and mouse. Also the latest bleeding edges also have controller support but no graphical user interface to configure it (yet). Use the forum search to find more info.

  • The touchscreen will also probably improve in the future (mapping gestures to buttons for example). This should also be possible already with 3rd party software.

  • Some games work better than others, you happened to play one which works quite nicely already. However it seems to use the same engine as ALBW and there are some known problems with ALBW (but already proposed solutions which will hopefully integrated sometime this year)

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Hi Jay, thanks for taking the time to watch the video, glad you liked it. I’ll be doing a lot more soon as people need to know about how good this emulator is!

That’s unreal about the 3D, I haven’t had the need to get a Rift but if you’re bringing 3D to it then I might just have to buy one! :grin:

I never expect “proper” online to come to Citra, but if you guys get Citra to Citra working then that would be insane! We know that Nintendo like to take down their online services pretty quickly, so that would breath new life into some of the older games.

That’s cool about the controller support, it didn’t take me more than a few minutes to set up pinnacle anyway. If it has built in controller support moving forward, so that would be even better.

Like the idea about mapping areas of the touch screen to buttons, that would be really good. Though as I mentioned in my video, it’s not like most games really need constant use on the touch screen anyway. I think it’s fair to say that if you’re playing an emulator like this, things like touchscreen etc will have to be just what they are. However I didn’t actually find it that difficult to use when I was playing Tri Force Heroes.

I personally thought that Tri Force Heroes played exceptionally well, though I have seen issues with other games. I tried to get Smash Bros working but that was very slow. I understand that emulation isn’t easy so it’s expected that some games won’t work as well as this. Quite excited to find out what does run really well on Citra.

P.S. I have a PNG of the 3DS surround I’ve used in that video, If you want me to send it over I can, think it’ll be really cool to have that overlay appear when going into fullscreen mode or something.

The benefit of using integrated controller support is analog controls (which is probably the reason why you fell down so often - unless the game is controlled with the DPAD).

Not necessary. These kind of visual effects are up to each individual video creator. If people want it as part of Citra they should add it in forks (as it’s very subjective wether people want it or not and it’s also limiting the layout options).

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Oh no, me falling was nothing to do with controller I just fell off a couple of times! :slight_smile: Though integrated controller support would always be better. Pinnacle does a very good job but it’s never going to be 100% perfect. I am similar control issues on the console itself.

That’s cool about the overlay, only offered it up just in case it was something that was going to be considered.