The sudden instability and FPS drops after clean install

So, because I recently formatted the computer, I also clean installed Yuzu.

All the shader files are gone (I was dumb. Should’ve saved them), so I did expect some stuttering, but the newly installed emulator has become unstable beyond the stuttering.

The FPS in most of the games have dropped below 10, especially Fire Emblem: Three Houses that used to run fine before the clean install. The emulator now also often freezes and sometimes even make my computer to stutter.

I have no idea what’s causing the issue. I will attach the log file in hopes of finding the cause.
yuzu_log.txt (46.3 KB)
yuzu_log.txt.old.txt (41.8 KB)

Completely overhauled Yuzu (including deleting the app data folder) and reinstalled it in a better PC.

The issue still persists. Here are the logs from my attempts of restarting Fire Emblem Three Houses completely from the beginning after deleting all the save files.

One thing I notice is many stubbed warnings regarding various services, especially from core\hle\service\sm\sm_controller.cpp:QueryPointerBufferSize:69:

Any idea what these warnings mean?

yuzu_log.txt (112.4 KB)
yuzu_log.txt.old.txt (39.1 KB)

Weird. I’ve downgraded Yuzu back to the version 1388 and the game runs significantly better. For anyone with a similar issue, I suggest downgrading the Yuzu for now. Something perhaps happened past the version 1388?