There is 2 Year period exists in Citra Android (Google Play Store Build)

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Latest build of Citra Android on Google Play Store (2023/9/16) is Beta 15 [bed6a4f12]
Which Last Updated by (2021/5/8) More then 2 years.
which not Includes most of Latest Feature, such as Vulkan Graphic API

There is Latest Nightly Version of Citra Android (in Nightly Release Page)
exists. Maintains Latest Bug Fixes & Enhancement.
But sadly, Most Korean People can’t figure about Latest Build of Citra Android.
only less part of Korean user can know about it and download it.

I think there is several reasons about:
First, accessibility of GIthub Build / Google Play is Huge.
Most korean information about Citra (Mainly Blog or Wiki site) are Limited and not fitted as Latest Data.
Currently, None of Blog Articles (on Korean Language) about Latest Build of Citra Android. Most of them shows infomation for Unofficial Build
another example: Deprecated shared_font file still in information article, which leads use at most users. (But that isn’t a main topic)

Second, on Official Download site on Android,
There shows only link to Google Play Store (without clicking ‘Manual Download’)

Because of that, Most Korean user only Downloads (Very Old) Google Play Build or
Moves to Unofficial Build (mostly for use features Unsupported in GP Build)

To solve: Update GP Build at lease once to Solve Most Problems (After update, still have period with the latest build, but it’s not long as before)
or Modify information about GP Build on FAQ or Download Section.

I know about Citra team cannot help If there has store policy issue.
But If not, Please, Recognize this situation. and take appropriate measures.

System Information

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