This is awesome! Needs some more optimization though. DX11 support and Speedhacks needed

Is DX11 support possible? I think that will speed things a little more. Tekken 3D Prime Edition is a little playable with 48-50fps while fighting 60fps on loading screen on my low end pc. Constant 48 fps at 2x resolution. I also think this emulator needs speedhack settings like the rest of emus out there. This definitely have potential to be greater!

Anyway my low specs:
CPU: AMD A4-4000 APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics 3.00 GHz
GPU: GT 730 2 GB DDR3

i really want directx11 support , opengl runs very bad in my pc so citra runs with 30 fps ( or lower )

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DirectX is Windows only, so probably not. Speedhacks have no point as it’s running as fast as it can already (after unchecking Limit Speed Percent).


its possible to get direct x 11 only for the windows version , open gl runs very bad in my pc so if you guys can get directx11 working in the windows version , would be great

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Most Citra devs are more interested in making the code portable than adding platform-specific features.

It’s just not worth it as it’s hard, and I don’t think it will pass review.


Somehow I don’t consider Limit Speed % as a speed hack. I think there is at least more to it than that. The Pcsx2 and Dolphin emulator has extensive options for speedhacking. But what do i know, i need the devs to answer me. Your comments weighs more than mine and that makes me feel a bit hopeless now. Anyway, the reason i didn’t consider it as a speedhack is because a speed hack helps your pc to get to or through 100% (that’s why i need it, because my pc can’t reach 100) not just set limitations and not do any speedhacking you know what i mean?. The limit speed settings is for high end pc users who can reach more than 100% so they can run it more fast but how about those low end users? Yes. A Speed hack is needed.

I think you misunderstood me. I’m saying that a speed hack is outright impossible in Citra, if you mean that you wanna boost speed.

thats why i need directx11 :stuck_out_tongue: , but anyway i will hope that whn new versions of open gl and citra come my pc performance get better

Let me be straight. You can’t get better performance than what you’re getting. We can recommend settings, but that varies from device to device, and from game to game.

yeah i know , but for example , in dolphin if i use openGL i get 30/40 FPS , if i use directx11 i can get 40/50 and even 60

also in PPSSPP i can get 60fps thanks to directx11 , but anyway , the emulator is in pogress so i cant ask so much

Not necessarily. Depends a lot on the game and also on your hardware.

Anyways, night.

yeah , this is the poblem , i have a potato

Yeah i noticed that. When i play games that requires 60fps, my pc is having a hard time. But when a game is capped at 30 it’s doing well and playable. Yet I still believe that having DX11 would be a great help. It’s a setting that most emulators have and I feel like this is what this emulator needs. Like Pedro said above, I also get higher fps with DX11 than opengl with dolphin gamecube and also pcsx2 (for me). You’re right it really depends on the game and hardware. But we can’t deny that this emulator is still new and has plenty of room for improvements.

Guys, have you tested to diminute the Citra Screen size? For me, when I’m playing with a “Full Screen”, with native resolution, FPS sometimes, in some games, drop to unplayable, principally games that need 60 FPS, and with 30 FPS looks like running in 15, in this games, I reduce the screen size for minimun possible, the fps up a little, not is a “WOOOW REALLY MAGIC”, but can go from “omfg I can’t play like this” for “Hm, not all bad”, I play in a notebook, with Intel Graphics 4k and i5m, I can’t want magic, but this help me when a game drop fps, I just do this and play this part that is unplayble in “full screen”, and I don’t have problem with Auto resolution (and I tested with native resolution and “full screen”, in minimun size runs better, IDK why, cuz in teory is the same resolution ¯_(ツ)_/¯), run Pokémon Ultra Moon in 25~30 FPS, totally playable, and in minimun size, ever 30 if I turn on the limit FPS, 40+ with FPS limiter off, it’s just a tip if you have problems with low fps :smiley:

This is a “Full screen”:

And this a “Minimun size”

i already tried this , dont help so much for me

Some games requires 60 fps to run and it sucks because running it below 50 is unplayable. The best solution for that is to somehow allow the game to run at 30 fps or to cap the game at 30. I meant the game itself not your video card settings, I’ve tried that in my nvidia settings I capped tekken to 30 fps and it got worse, it’s even more slower and unplayable. But the development is not finished yet (or at least that’s what i believe) we can expect more optimization settings to come. Anyway, I haven’t tried that hmm… maybe i will. I’m a little skeptical if that’s gonna work. DOA Dimensions is soo playable for me at 20-30 fps because that game is made to run at that fps. If it was 60 it’s bad news .

sonic lost world is the only game that i can run with full speed , the others all run below 30 fps