Tilt plz really

emulation for tilting the system. Anyone?

A new motion sensor feature was added just recently, for info:

how do u use it tho
i havent seen motion in the input screen. yet

That depends on how you want to use the motion sensor. you can simply use your mouse, hold the right mouse button and drag across the screen to tilt.
if you want to use a DS3, DS4, Steam Controller, Android, joycon or wii motion plus, follow the usage guide on the link above. and This for your desirable method.

i use my joy-conz as gamepad
but therre is no exe file in betterjoyforpc


my joy-con(L) does not connect forsome reason
it loses connection :disappointed_relieved :frowning:

can you elaborate better what you are doing in steps and which step is failing?

i actually managed to use joyconz (for motion)
i tested them whit padtest
but i dunno how to make citra USE it

Open qt-config on C:\Users\bio3c\AppData\Roaming\Citra\config and change/add these lines

open up citra canary. emulation -> configure -> input -> motion and touch

change it to cemuhookudp. edit settings as needed. have fun.

fyi https://github.com/citra-emu/citra/pull/4059 is in canary so you don’t need to edit ini settings (unless its nightly, and i plan to merge this soon)

i dont use the “installed” version
there is no qt-config

It’s “Roaming” not “Local” or your custom name…

ia m not able to see the picture
that is whit your reply
plz resend the picture

I’ve managed to get the motion controls to work on my DS3 however only when the USB is plugged in. Whenever I unplug the USB cable the controller still works but my motion controls are gone. I have to plug my USB cable back into my controller and restart the SCP DSx Service to get motion controls back. Any idea how I could fix this?

Did you follow the steps 4 through 8, section:
ScpToolkit (supports DS3 and DS4 controllers, but requires that you dedicate a Bluetooth dongle to it)

I sure did, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong although I’m sure its human error on my part. However I’ve decided not to pursue it any further as I need my bluetooth dongle and when using the DS3 the dongle becomes dedicated to the SCP server for the DS3 and cannot be used as a bluetooth anymore. Maybe I’ll buy another dongle soon and continue to mess around with it but I don’t mind using my controller plugged into the USB. Small price to pay to be able to use the motion controls. Citra never ceases to amaze me.

any repl’es for my joy=conz
they actually work on cemu
but not c’tra

Use Canary and configure it (Emulation -> Configure -> Input -> Motion/Touch).

It şirket
Yay yay