Time keeps resetting every time the emulation resets

is there a way to advance time manually in pokemon sword? for the poke jobs i locked up a bunch of pokemon cuz i need 24 hours to pass and for some reason the only way it works is if the emulator is active for 24 hours. For obvious reasons this is difficult. i found that the time on my save logs corresponds to my computer time and that changing my computer time has no effect on the game other than changing the time on the save log.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

We’re working on this.

has there been some work on it

Yes, our project lead bunnei is on it, but afaik, it still is being worked on.

I thought it was something wrong in my end but I guess everyone has the same bug. Not trying to be a pain in the ass (sorry!), but how’s the resolution going?

Last I’ve heard, it needs some additional changes in other parts of the code.

Are there any updates on the time fix?

If you enable Custom RTC now, you can change the time while playing. This solves most events in the game, but not all, like stores. But now pokejobs and pokemon spawns work.

The Pokejobs and Pokespawns work now? They dont work for me…

Did you manually change the date in custom RTC while running the game?

yes, i manually changed the date in Custon RTC while running the game.

I can confirm the same issue. Tried changing the custom RTC to the next day (even with an additional minute) but nothing happened in game. Pokejobs were the same/unchanged, and dens did not re-spawn

i also face the same issue every time i save the game or close the emulator the time reset and also tried setting custom RTC to advance time but nothing happens at all like the others mentioned please if you can tell us know if there is any progress made on this issue that would be amazing and thank you so much for your efforts guys you are amazing

if you guys don’t mind i want to say that actually advancing time with the custom RTC function in yuzu actually works but what everyone was doing wrong was that before using the custom RTC they were not pausing the emulation which would result in failure of day advancement using custom RTC so just go to this link and follow the video and you will be able to advance the time just remember do exactly as it is in the video and don’t forget to pause emulation as in the video in this link https://www.reddit.com/r/yuzu/comments/ksrupc/a_fix_on_daily_events_on_pokemon_swsh/ //thank you so much yuzu dev team you guys are awesome and we are waiting for the automated day advancement to be implanted in yuzu without having to use the custom RTC/thank you so much for your efforts

This bug with the time is also present in Let’s Go. Please, could you fix it?

On the other hand, it’s not present in BDSP, where time events work without the need for Custom RTC workaround. Which is interesting.