Tomodachi life gone wild!?(no profanity filter)

TL;DR: When you run Tomodachi Life on Citra, you can make them go ham on the free speech

Nearly a month ago, I got Tomodachi Life working on my Mac.
And, being the TOTALLY mature person I was, I tried to get the Miis to say the most vile stuff ever, and it worked(If I ran the game on a 3DS, I would have had to use accents or mispellings, but not on Citra)!?

I asked a friend(who also uses Citra for Tomodachi Life), and he has the same issue(he claims he has neither tampered with his copy, his 3DS, or Citra. I didn’t do anything with my 3DS, game, or Citra either).

I’m not asking for a patch(because I find swearing Miis to be super funny, I am very immature), I’m more or less asking why this happens, and if it only happens with certain games, but not others(hence I posted this is general, rather than support. IDK if it’s that pressing of an issue).

For those asking why I didn’t add a screenshot, it’s because I’m new to this website, and I don’t know if cursing allowed(or screenshots of Miis cursing in this case)

For context. DS and Switch have similar concepts / ideas for this . They have a ‘bad word filter’ (NGword) they use either in the like system firmware or somewhere in console. There are technically ways around it if you google hard enough. But it’s not something people would typically do.


I assume Citra doesn’t have an bad word filter coded in(idk about Tomodachi Life), so that’s why I can get my Miis to swear

if you dumped and applied your system files you might get blocked. I don’t know how citra utilizes your dumps or if it acts 1:1 like console would when everything is applied. Just know of the same concepts between 3ds - Switch :stuck_out_tongue:

Citra has its own “bad words” list :stuck_out_tongue:
Most likely because some games expect it to be there. So if a game relies on such a file existing, or certain words to be blocked, Citra would need to imitate that using an open source list.