Tomodachi life stops

Just now a couple in my island made a baby and whenever they ask you to babysit the baby tomodachi life just stops with a yellow with orange dot screen. But the music just keeps going on. This isn’t also the time tomodachi life stopped. If you try to view the photos in the photo studio the game stops. I don’t think i can continue the game at this point if there is no way to fix this

Here is what the loading screen loooks like. It just goes on

Yo tambien tengo el juego y tengo una pareja de mii casados y espero que solucionen el problema antes que tengan un bebe.

Same, also I cannot save the game since the baby somehow corrupts my savedata! Atleast I have backup data.

I know this is stupid I was having the same exact problem

The same thing just happened to me, the game is left with that screen but I think you can go ahead with the game just that we are not going to take care of the baby.