Trading clarification for pokemon games

i saw a youtube video where you can trade pokemon same a game using 2 same canary builds with the same profile and it works… so this are my questions, first is it possible to trade between 2 different pokemon games using a canary and a nightly build? second is it possible to map a control on the 2nd running emulator so that if i move up on the 1st opened emulator then the 2nd opened emulator will not move because another button is assigned to move up on the 2nd emulator? third is if the trade was successful on the same game with the same profile then which will be the real save file there? lastly is it possible to trade pokemon using citra and a 3ds? thanks

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  1. No. You need two Canary builds.
  2. Read How can I Locally trade Pokemons with myself?
  3. The save file with the traded Pokemon will be depeding on the session of the Citra you’re running, since you basically create 2 seperate Citras, where the save files and configs are stored seperately.
  4. No, such implementation currently does not exist, however some devs are interested in this.
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i forgot to mention. can i play multiplayer on triforce heroes using the same canary build with different controls?