Trading in Alpha Sapphire

Hello, noob here.
Can anyone tell me if trading is possible on Citra? I’m playing Alpha Sapphire and followed the FAQ regarding code generation but screen always gets stuck at connecting to internet.
Any way I can do Wonder trades in game?

Wonder Trades use GTS, which is basically Nintendo Network, which we don’t support.
You can do local wireless trading, though.

Ouch,I don’t have a DS unfortunately. Any way to do it on the internet?

A 3DS is required to use Citra anyways. You need one to dump your games and system files, and to work around missing features or bugs in Citra such as this.

will AR codes work on citra? so that trading pokemon will not be an issue

Citra doesn’t have cheat support. You can use PKhex to level up or edit your party.

I’m no supporter of cheating but i did use pkhex to get my shiny beldum (sorry).
P.S: pkhex is too powerful for one person to control…so much control over every little detail.