Trading in omega ruby

Hello everybody,

I have the latest citra canary and i created a room to trade with myself sing alpha saphire on the other citra. Problem is when i open the PSS and i click on trade it saves the game but then nothing happens and i see noone on passerbys. I have made a room with my token and everything and citra says am connected. So what ami doing wrong?

Aye Razer, I’m currently having the same Problem Right now.
Apparently we need two different users and tokens since I can’t see my account in passerbys either. Right now, I’m trying to figure out how to open 2 citras that work with 2 different users so we can trade.

Here is a fix for your dual emulator problem.
I will try with two tokens and i hope it works.

Thanks the Video is helpful, but the guy total skips the part after signing in ad getting Tokens.
I set the Folders up according the Video, but I still Keep getting the token for my first account :frowning: no matter if I request with my first or my 2nd acc

Do it like this:

for clarity:

it stiil tells me my username is in use. do i need to make two tokens for this to work?

i just solved it. you need two tokens or it wont work. I have 2 works perfect now.

How did u get the 2nd one?
I’m still lost.

by using a second email and making a second account. But i just found out that you can use the token on your first citra create the room and then use the option direct-communication to connect your second citra with the first since you will be trading with yourself.

Hope this helps :smile:

Okay. I already have made 2 accounts:

Lyvia and Lyv2
Lyvia is verified and can create rooms, Lyv2 isnt verified and I m trying to get a token for Lyv2, but it keeps spitting out a the token for my Lyvia acc.

Once I try to connect Lyv2 to Lyvia’s room, it keeps popping up that both acc have the same console ID.
I ve already set up the citra folders as you described above :o
and still my 2 citras overwrite each others console IDs. If I delete Lyv2’s console ID, then Lyvia’s acc is reset too … sigh and vice versa.

I rly hope I can fix this soon.

go to your browser and log out of your account and then create a new one

Please do not ask for help for the same issue in two different locations.