Trading In Pokemon OR/AS And Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon

Can Someone Answer This? Can I Trade Between Games With 1 PC?

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Yes definitely you can. Follow these steps and it would work for sure!

  1. You need to have 2 different Citras (ofc lol) with 2 different builds. (this depends on you, same builds might work too)

  2. You need to Regenerate Console ID on both of the builds since by default both must be same.
    For that head into Emulation> Configure> System and there you would find the Console ID just
    press regenerate it and it would regenerate automatically**.

  3. Finally Head over to Web tab in the Emulation settings and Regenerate your Telemetry ID.

  4. Now you can finally see both of your builds’ character in either PSS (for ORAS) and Festival Plaza (for USUM / SM)

** While regenerating it warns that it would replace the current virtual 3DS and it says it might corrupt your save file if you use outdated config file and shizz… >> IGNORE THAT and trust me on this that is literally bs.

P.S.1 - You can even use same game file and same in-game character name and it would still work!
P.S.2 - If it still didn’t work, then you have to ensure that user folder (which have the shared fonts) downloaded otherwise your game wouldn’t ever connect online multiplayer.

Hoping that it would help you.


In ORAS, yes you can connect. You need citras with different builds (ex. official, and manual builds), and follow the steps made by a commenter before me in this post, and just join the rooms located in multiplayer tab in your citra. In US/UM, you can but you need a region manifest file in order to trade to other players in Festival Plaza. You can obtain the region manifest file by dumping your game from 3ds for citra use.

Ok Thx For The Information :slight_smile:

Thx For The Information And Help :smile:

Oh, I have all of them, and I already have them.

do you know how to do it on the phone