Trading in pokemon ultrasun

Hello is trading possible in pokemon ultrasun with citra?
I can’t understand even how to create a second game.
I need to trade with myself to take all the 3 starter and to make evolution.
Someone can explain me how to do it…if it’s possible? I can use a second pc if it’s needed

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In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

You can try making a private multiplayer server between the two games, and trade the starters, deleting the 2nd computer’s save and redoing it with the last starter.

A second thing you can do is run PKHex and edit your save with all the starters, which is the quicker, but involves editing your save.

Hope this helps!

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Hello I don’t know if it’s help. 2nd pc is too old…emulation doesn’t start.
Isn’t possible to create a second game in the same pc? I use citra canarin

I’d suggest running PkHex and just editing in the pokemon, as you can bypass the need to run two instances of the game and wasting time.

Edit: Check the below post for more detailed instructions if you want to run it on one computer.

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Thanks but there is something that I can’t understand.

  1. there is a few folder “citra” which one I have to copy?
  2. there are 2 folder “user” in “roaming”: C:\Users\Francesco\AppData\Roaming\Citra\nand\data\00000000000000000000000000000000\extdata\00000000\F000000B\user

(With inside 1 file:

  1. which file is the portable version? I can’t find

In this example, I’ll use C1tra and Ci2ra as a way of distinguishing the Citra versions.

Okay, you need to…

  1. Copy your entire C1tra folder somewhere easy to remember, make a folder INSIDE OF SAID FOLDER, and NAME IT user. (This is now Ci2ra)

  2. Go to C:\Users%username%\AppData\Roaming\citra\ and copy it all, putting it into Ci2ra’s user folder.

  3. Open the Ci2ra program, go to Emulation, then click Configure, then click System, and in System, click Regenerate your Console ID, and give it a different username for C1tra, to help you know which Citra is player 1 or 2.

  4. Open C1tra or Ci2ra, doesn’t matter, and go to Multiplayer, and Create a room, and clicking on Host Room, now REMEMBER THIS PORT NUMBER.

  5. On the other Citra, go to Multiplayer and Direct Connect to Room, and enter your Ipv4 (run ipconfig /all on your CMD line to find this, or Click Me), and enter the port from step 4, then Click on Connect!

  6. Hope the feature works on Citra!

(6.5 Pat yourself on the back for doing this!)

Hope this helps!

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sorry if I’m bothering you, i make what you say but then i don’t know what to do.

i have copied this folder for safety

i create and “user” folder in the directory (in another topic someone says “CItra directory is the one with citra-qt.exe”)… so i create the “user” folder here C:\Users\Francesco\AppData\Local\Citra\canary-mingw, and i don’t touch this C:\Users\Francesco\Desktop\Local-Citra\Citra\nightly-mingw (where there is another citra-qt.exe)

i copy folders that are in C:\Users\Francesco\AppData\Roaming\Citra in that “user” folder

open citra-qt.exe in C:\Users\Francesco\AppData\Local\Citra\canary-mingw, go to Emulation, then click Configure, then click System, and in System, click Regenerate and give it a different username

then Multiplayer->create (unlisted)->host

open citra canary i usally open, check in System that it have the original username and it have it.

go to direct connect and i connected to the room, it works

and now? what should i do?

if i open pokemon ultrasun on both…always start the same save

Thats because they both have the same save data. You need to delete the save on Ci2ra, restart then get the new starter (on Ci2ra) you want to trade off to C1tra, if that helps?

And if its too hard, or you feel like you are potentially risking your progress, you may want to consider using PkHex to edit in the pokemon into your save file.

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how i can delete the save on “portable Citra”?

and then if i can start two different game… how can i make the trade?

i think we almost done thanks to your help.

Okay, right click pokemon ultra sun in c1tra, and go to save data location.

  1. Copy that save somewhere safe in case anything happens or you decide to use PkHex if this goes wrong.

  2. Right click pokemon ultra sun in ci2ra and go to that save data location. If they are in different locations, you can safely delete the save in Ci2ra, and restart pokemon ultra sun in ci2ra and get the starter you want.

3.Trade off the pokemon by connecting the two via Citra multiplayer servers, but both saves need to have Quick link unlocked in the menu, which allows you to trade the pokemon.

  1. Repeat steps 2 and 3 on Ci2ra to get the 3rd starter you want.

Hope this helps!

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what do you mean with right click pokemon ultra sun in c1tra, and go to save data location?

where i have to right click?

doesn’t seems here (this is what i have understand)

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I meant:

  1. Open C1tra as a program,07 click the logo/exe file.

2.Add a game directory by double clicking the center

3.Press select/open in the bottom right when in the folder which contains your pokemon ultra sun rom.

  1. Right click Ultra sun INSIDE C1tra, and select open save data file.


Then follow my instructions I stated previously

EDIT: Please, for your own sanity (and safety of your save file), please look into using PKHeX. It’s much more intuitive to use and will bypass the need to juggle 2 citras. Please, I’m unsure of how to help you anymore as I’m unable to make it any clearer to you in terms of how to run 2 instances of Citra, which must be hard on your computer and will be of a low speed even if this somehow works.

Here’s a PKHeX tutorial link in case you do attempt to go down this alternative route:

@bio3c As you have more experience with running 2 Citra instances, would you kindly let me know where I’m potentially confusing the topic creator

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i understand

C1tra start with my save and it’s ok.

but C2tra (sava data location now is empty) is blocked here, if i press any button with mouse, pad and keyboard nothing happen.
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You may need to reconfigure controls for Ci2ra.

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done and changed from pad to keyboard and to pad again

i’m going to try again

Okay, please remember that PKHeX is always a valid alternative to your problem, as it allows you to edit in any pokemon you want.

Hope I’ve helped with your issue!

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we are so close. this is usefull also for the future. editor is also complicated and is like cheating…and of course i’ll cheat if i’ll use.

why input doesn’t work? i tryed again with keyboard and pad

pad perfectly work on C1tra

on C2tra the wave goes over and over but no buttons works

edit: i can’t reply until 1 hour for some rules of the forum.
even with only C2tra open, input doesn’t work. i try to restart pc

press simultaneously that button works!!! now finally i have 2 different save.

i move portable citra on desktop, so there are two different save location

i unlock festival plaza to make the trade… but now portable citra is able to create room and connect to others rooms but normal citra can’t connect anymore (before the reset they can connect to each others)

trade is better also for the future, we are so close

I’m not sure. I’ve tried clicking on each gamee’s window when i want to switch controls.

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go to Emulation > Configure > Input and Restore Defaults on both citra instances. configure just one with the joystick, configure the other with the keyboard.

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