Trading in pokemon ultrasun

@bio3c press simultaneously that button works!!! now finally i have 2 different save.

i move portable citra on desktop, so there are two different save location

i unlock festival plaza to make the trade… but now portable citra is able to create room and connect to others rooms but normal citra can’t connect anymore (before the reset they can connect to each others)

trade is better also for the future, we are so close, we only need to resolve this last error and then we can have the ultimate guide for noobs

make sure that you are hosting and connecting using the same port.
you don’t need a password, just mark your room as unlisted:


it was a problem of windows firewall, now i do the same but pop up the firewall, make ok and it works.

but we have another problem, the last i think.

i go to the festiplaza-> trade, i have three options, the 2nd and the 3rd open wireless connection and nothing happen. first option make pop up a message from citra: “citra was unable to locate a 3DS system archive: Region manifest. the game required additional files to be extracted from your 3ds”

You need to dump the system archives from your 3DS:

on the right my principal save. “ERFFGP” is the other coach, he is in vip list…but why he is in grey? if i press “A” nothing" happen

Did you regenerate Console ID on Emulation > Configure > System?

could be a problem of the game? i need to procede more with the other coach (ERFFGP)?

you don’t need VIP to trade, also unlocking your framerate for online stuff isn’t really a good idea, leave locked at 100% while using multiplayer functionality.

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WORKS!!! guys you’re amazing. really really thank you.

the problem was the game, i needed to take others pokemon or complete the first phase of festiplaza (with the new saw).

now i’ll read again this guide that we make… to do it again and take the other starter :smiley:


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