Trading with myself

Im trying to trade pokemons from ultra sun to ultra moon
I have pokemon us in citra canary and um in nightly
I have looked online and also have different ids on both, joined the same room but cant see the other account to trade

You can’t have both citra with the same console ID.

they dont have the same id

Create a local room with one citra instance, Multiplayer > Create Room (remember the port)
and on the other citra instance Multiplayer > Direct Connect to Room, put the port, and on IP put your ipv4 (open a command prompt and type: ipconfig /all to view your ipv4)

just figured it out
needed to change my username in settings , was only changing in the room

Sorry about that, thought the id’s you were talking about was of the names. Glad you could figure it out.

need help.
I am playing omega ruby, I copied my game to a new folder as a trading target.
Both consoles have different user id and tokens, but are running on the same computer, which means the same ipv4, and I cannot detect any user in the game

is your second citra folder running in portable mode (i.e: does it have the user folder inside)?