Transfer recorded battles to Citra (USUM)

I want to transfer my battles from my game using vs recorder ingame and jksvm, but there is no extdata to dump. Anyone knows how to do it?

There are many tutorials for this online. Please try searching.

But I don’t think this works on Citra yet (correct me if I’m wrong).

I did search, I rode that usum doesn´t create extdata, the records are saved like if them were another game… it´s weird.

"I tried using JKSM to export my Ultra Moon extdata to be able to record some battle videos on Citra, but because of the way USUM exdata works by sharing between them as a separate title, JKSM can’t get a proper dump since technically UM has no exdata of its own to dump. I saw similar problems with original Sun/Moon when it was released and people were able to access the files they need by using the exdata dump tool. Thank you so much for all your help!

See the dumping extra data guide. JKSM from what I remember has issues with USUM when it comes to extra data. FBI is another alternative for dumping extra data.

The issue is that Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are both using the Ultra Sun Tilte ID for the extdata path (similar case for XY, ORAS, SM).

Anyway I think the citra wiki should recommend Checkpoint over JKSM since it is more up-to-date and is still getting updates. It is as easy to use as JKSM and handles the Pokemon extdata correctly.

Unfortunately has been a bug with Ultra Sun extdata and the fix wasn’t compiled into a new release yet.

Thanks a lot, I will try it

the guide is a wiki. if you would like to write instructions on how to use checkpoint instead, please go ahead and change it