Transfering Save Files

Hi! I’ve been grinding pokemon ultra moon for about 100 hours on Citra (amazing emulator, thanks!) But now that I have a 3ds, is there a way to transfer the save files (im a complete beginner to homebrew so a complete run-by would be greatly appreciated) Also, I dont use Wifi, so if theres a way to do everything by SD card instead of with wifi thats even better. Thanks!

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just right click on the game and click on open save data location to access your save file

I can get the save file, but i dont know how to transfer it to the 3ds :confused:

Create a folder and bring the save file to it. Now copy that folder into your SD card and open JKSM on your 3DS.

how to i install JKSM :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Just Google this exact sentence. You will need homebrew & custom firmware I think. You can also use Checkpoint.

can someone give me a complete run-by? its harder for me because i dont have wifi so i cant really install things the same way as others and etc

Do you even have Homebrew or CFW installed on your 3DS?

not at all its a brand new 2DS :confused:

How did you get Pokemon Ultra Moon on Citra?

I started the game from Rom, not from the 2ds save file. im wondering if its possible to move my citra file to the 2ds

Bump? I really want to try to see if its possible to transfer instead of just restarting on 3ds

You’ll need to be able to use JKSV or Checkpoint. There’s a guide to homebrew your 3DS here.

Also, If i manage to transfer the save file, will it be fully compatible as if it were started from a regular 2ds (trading, connecting to internet, events, etc…)?

Yes, I think so. #20charlimitsucks

I am having the same issue. I have no clue with how homebrew works.