Transferring: What's possible and not?

NOTE: Not even a Citra user … yet, but exploring (future) options.

I own three 3DS’s (AUS, JPN, USA - damn region-locking!), and I love playing them. My fear of the future is when those batteries die and those consoles are no longer playable. (Batteries are no longer made, the motherboard craps out, whatever.) There will come a time when Im just dying to play a 3DS game and cannot. Luckily that time is not now.

I love archiving games to play later. I have MAME, NESticle 95, MeMU / Bluestacks … I hear Citra is the way to go for 3DS.

I would absolutely LOVE if I could migrate ALL of my data from, at least, a console to an emulators (even if it was a 1-1 ratio of console to emulator, or even 3-1) .

Im not looking for “right now” per se. A Citra roadmap would be useful. Im sure I can wait some time before these consoles are on the last of their battery life; but the sooner the better.

I would love to import my themes, the downloaded games (which there are a lot of), saved data, badges, etc. Which brings me to the topic’s question? What’s possible and what’s not? Ive looked at various pages but havent found the answers Im looking for. Or perhaps I didnt look well enough? So here’s a few questions that are on my mind:

What’s the maximum drive space Citra can work with? Can it hold more than the 32G SD that Ive filled up since late 2011?
StreetPass? SpotPass? Yay or Nay?
Will SwapDoodle and Mii Plaza still work?
Can I still visit towns in ACNL?

Thanks in advance.

– Papa Birl.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

drive space: IDK prolly maximum 3ds can support so youll be fine
SP: im playing ACNL and it says i cant activate SP cause i have too many titles activated yet its the only game have, youll have to find someone more experienced, search the forums and stuff.
SD and MiiPlaza: from what ive seen theres no way to access a home menu and i dont have any miiplaza rom, again look around.
ACNL towns: i am currently figuring that out, there are game rooms you can host and connect to in citra, there are servers that host so it should work but recently when we try to join nearby towns the game/emulator crashes, i dont know why exactly but im are looking into it

update, might be cause i have a outdated game

Thanks for the response. Seems Citra still has a long way to go to satisfy my needs, but I’ll keep an eye on its progress.