Triforce Heroes anyone?

I can’t seem to find anyone at all to play Triforce Heroes with. Anyone up for co-op?

Hi!! please i want to play :3

just one more because you know we cant play if we are nor 3 players

aight then, just make sure you’re on v2.1.0

Alright so we got 3 people here already. I’m gonna need your timezone though. Im GMT + 2

im GMT +8
which means its noon where i live :smiley:

oh and btw, could you help me test something, could you join my server? if you can’t, i might have to tinker some more since i don’t really have a good understanding of port forwarding, lol

I haven’t succeeded with port forwarding either. I’m in the other room. We’re on eu ver though ,unupdated

And no, your room doesn’t work

do you only have the eur version?