Trying to download homebrew app

I have a 3ds with 9.4 default firmware. I am trying to download the homebrew app on it but it wants me to update the software which i am afraid it will update my 3ds past the point where I can get it to work for pokemon archive dumping. I just need some assistance with what to do at this point to make sure i am not overreacting or not to updating my firmware(I know 11.4 won’t work for this) in order to use the nintendo E shop in order to download the homebrew app atc…

You will need to install arm9loaderhax and CFW in order to dump your games. Homebrew launcher alone is not enough to dump games if you’re on 9.4. I suggest asking in the 3dshacks subreddit or discord for assistance.

cant i just update the firmware to get to the point where citra can assist me xD? Maybe i should try to get an easier firmware 3ds because the workaround for 9.4 seems a bit hard for such a noob like me i am trying to find help in 3ds subreddit at the moment and have no friends on discord. If I do happen to get another 3ds to make this process easier what firmware do you guys reccomend?

IIRC you can dump games with just hombrew if the firmware is 9.2. Anything above 9.2 will need arm9loaderhax and CFW. IMO, it is better to have arm9loaderhax with CFW as you can be on the latest firmware and still keep your homebrew. You will find better assistance in the 3dshacks discord. This is outside the scope of citra support.

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