Turning off 3d mode in games?

Is it possible to disable 3d mode and get a similar performance boost to Monster Hunter Generations? For instance, MH4U doesn’t have this option in-game. But if there is a way to do something similar on Citra itself and make MH4U ignore 3D rendering that could help substantially. Same with some other games. I appreciate any help, you guys are heroes.


This option should be accessible in the game itself.

Unfortunately Capcom took this option out in MH4, MH4G and MH4U. It returned in MHX/MHGen.

We will most likely need a romhack so the game doesn’t execute it.

Using Cheat Engine I have observed that turning off the 3D mode in MHGen and MH3U changes the byte at “citra-qt.exe”+61B230 to 0x42. Turning it on changes it to 0x22. MH4U and MH4 present 0x22. Obviously there is no way to change it but you see the pattern.

I was unable to freeze the value to 0x42 in either game since it’s constantly being written to by one instruction and nopping it makes the viewport freeze. Audio continues to play however. I’m not knowledgeable enough to further debug this but perhaps sb with more experience can investigate, it seems promising at the very least.

Using Citra Canary HEAD-2d30c5d.


The odd blur also comes from 3d,I assume?Hopefully we get some improvements soon.

I am having a problem with emu citra I can’t play 3ds only Mario first game and can’t swipe games please help

Please make a new thread for your issue with the template filled in.

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