Tutorial: How to host your own multiplayer room in your computer, without port forwarding

A lot of people can’t do “port forwarding” to allow other players in the internet joining, but I’m here to tell you that you don’t need any more!

Step 1: Create your multiplayer room.
You can follow Citra’s official help page to host your room using GUI or command line.

Step 2: Open port.
Many people tried to use Ngrok, a tunnel to bring local host to the internet. But unfortunately, Ngrok doesn’t support UDP, which is what Citra is using. So the best alternative is Localtonet, which supports UDP.

  • Download Localtonet client at Localtonet | Downloads, extract, then run it.
  • At Localtoweb Website, create an account.
  • You will be redirected to Localtoweb Dashboard.
  • In Localtohost client, right-click to paste auth token, which can be gotten from Localtonet Dashboard, then press enter.
  • Now in Localrohost Dashboard, navigate to My Tunnels > TCP - UDP, fill in the blanks to create tunnel:
  • Protocol Type: UDP.
  • Auth Token: Default Token.
  • Server: Choose server that nearest you.
  • Ip:
  • Port: Your Citra room’s port. Default is 24872.
    Then press “Create”
  • You will see your new tunnel in Tunnels list. Press Start to run.
  • Now in Localtohost client you can see your tunnel up and running.
  • Connect to your room using the tunnel’s numberic IPv4 and its port. Do not use your Citra’s port! (For example: My room port is 5000, but tunnel one is 30615, and numberic IPv4 is, so I need to connect to tunnel which is to join the room).
  • And done!

Also, next time you can simply open your Localtohost client to start, don’t need to configurate again.
And most importantly, the tunnel IP will be change everytime you start the tunnel, so it’s not suitable for production using.

Hope you success. Bye!