Ultra Sun lags after battle


Hello , recently i downloaded the latest Citra Nightly Build and even though you made a grate improvement and it mostly runs at 30 fps at all times,Sadly the speed drops from 100% to 70% when i finish a Pokemon battle or close the menu box In Games Sun/Moon And Ultra Sun/Moon. Do my Laptop has the problem or is the Citra that needs more Improvement ? Is there anything i do for example change the settings on my Laptop?

my system runs
Intel i7-4510U [email protected] GHZ 2.60 GHZ


you can always try high performance mode, because battery saving features can throttle your gaming performance.


Do you know the path to reach high performance mode ?


it’s a windows setting under power options settings.
it’s pretty easy to change that, google it for clear instructions.


Ok i will try this too thank you


Well it didn’t work .The problem stays the same , when i end a battle or i close the menu in Pokemon S/M,US/UM the speed drops from 100% to 77% for a few seconds which is kind of annoying.Isn’t there any other way to stop that lag ?


well, does your notebook have a dedicated gpu? if so you can do the following (if not done yet):
From NVIDIA Control Panel
3D Settings->Manage 3D Settings
Tab “Global setttings”
Preferred Graphics Processor
Select : High performance NVIDIA processor


I changed the battery settings to high performance and the Nvidea to high performance as well, still nothing…


I tried everything you said , the little lag is still there after closing the menu and after battles but with the high performance options in Battery and Nvidia i can play now in high quality graphics x3 , the lag may be fixed in the future with a new version of Citra because I do not think is my Hardware that has the problem.


try lowering the internal resolution and make sure that hardware renderer is checked


or just use pkhex or just play ultra moon


Nothing works I made it fast forward for 10% though still lags but sounds a bit better


So isn’t there anything that can be done ? Should i wait for Citra to be updated again ? I would also like to add that the lag is just in sound and that it is the same to native up to 3xnative…So i dont think that the graphics have anything to do with that .Of course if i push it to 9xnative it goes very very slow but it is accepted.