Ultra Sun Pokemon needed

Hello, does anyone playing pokemon ultra sun and wanna get exclusive pokemon from ultra moon? I need the exclusive legendary pokemon from ultra sun to get Rayquaza and others. We can trade by dropping the exclusive pokemon onto the temporary save file by following this video at min 7.48. :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nke0A086MA

this forum is made for topics around the emulator not to trade pokemon…

Sorry, i didn’t know that. I thought it’s a General section so i posted it here. It’s related to Citra and how you can transfer data between 2 version of game. So yeah!

use a program called pkhex to get whatever you want

I think you should try Canary build’s Multiplayer option for more realistic experience although it can be useless.

most people you trade with would probably have used pkhex to obtain the pokemon anyway